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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dacolyt, Electrolytes

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Product Overview

Dacolyt monitors the acid and water balance of your birds. It accelerates the recovery of your pigeons after long flights. Dacolyt brings your birds back in top condition in a short term of time.

Product Description

Dacolyt electrolyte and glucose is a treatment which monitors your birds acid and water balance. Dacolyt accelerates your bird’s recovery time after a long race or flight. It is to be given as instructed in the dosage and feeding instructions to bring your birds back to top condition in a short period of time.

Dosage & Feeding Instructions:

When pigeons return home from their flights they need rehydrating and providing the correct salts and glucose to return back to correct levels.

• STEP 1: Once returning give the bird’s fresh water with no Dacolyt.

• STEP 2: After 2 hours give them fresh water again but this time with Dacolyt at the following dose:- 25g of Dacolyt (1 Tablespoonful) in 2 litres of drinking water. Have it at their disposal for 24 hours.

• STEP 3: After 24 hours remove and carry on providing fresh clean water.

Advice For Use:
o Store dry, out of reach of direct sunlight at a temperature between 0 and 30c.

Packaging: 600 gram Tub
Dose: 5 g for 10 kg of body weight (= 20 pigeons)

Technical Information

Product Type Powder
Size 600 Grams